The Benfefits of an iChurch Connection

Join Our I-Church Congregation

iChurch is a way for us to reach those through digital mediums that can’t make it to worship with us physically. Our iChurch team is here to interact, pray and minister to you and help you as you grow in your Christian walk. 

RDCI iChurch is your way to become and stay connected with Right Direction Church International via internet community. Whether you’re far or near, or have moved away and want to stay connected, our iChurch membership is for you. We have been called to empower people and change generations through the teaching of faith principles. If you want to be connected to a diverse loving church that is interested in your whole life prosperity, join our iChurch today. Benefits As an iChurch member you can count on our ministry to pray and agree with you concerning your needs. We will provide love interaction via social media during services. You will have access to exclusive product offers. You will also have direct correspondence for prayer request and praise reports via a special email address. In exchange, if you feel like this ministry has benefited you, we encourage you to sow into our ministry so that we can continue to be a blessing to you and others. You can give online via
Sign up, download the app and give under the ‘iChurch’ label.

How do I become an iChurch member?
Simply complete the form below and submit it and you’re an iChurch member.

What is the difference between a regular member and an iChurch member?
An RDCI iChurch member will be able to enjoy the same spiritual benefits as a regular member. However, there are certain services we are unable to provide. For example, because of distance we cannot commit to funerals, hospital visits, weddings, etc. For those needs, we encourage you to get connected to a local church in your area.

We're looking for iChurch Volunteers!