Right Direction Fellowship​

Thank you for your interest in the Right Direction Fellowship.  Our vision for the R.D.F. is to provide a covering, networking, information and fellowship for pastors and/or ministers who are led by the spirit of God to connect with Bishop Herbert Bailey, as their pastor, spiritual father and/or mentor to assist you with personal development and impact.

This is how we believe RDF will benefit you: 

1. Increase through association (Eccl. 4:9)

2. Spiritual accountability (Heb. 13:17)

3. Access to resources necessary for growth and improvement 

4. Spiritual counsel (Prov. 11:14, 24:6)

5. Impartation of anointing (Deut. 34:9; I Tim. 4:14)

6. Fellowship with pastors/ministers of “like precious faith” (2 Pet. 1:1)

7. Preferred seating at special events and conferences 


Please understand that a spiritual son or protégé relationship is not a personal friendship.  You are advised not to attempt to create a personal relationship or friendship with your spiritual parent or mentor. It is important to understand that your spiritual father/mother or mentor also has responsibility for his church(es), his family, and other pastors in addition to you. However, if it is essential to your personal spiritual growth and development that you have a more intimate relationship than God will bring such a relationship to fruition in His own time.  


Expectations of Spiritual Sons/Daughters/Mentorees


1. Have received a confirmation by the Holy Spirit that produces the father/son/daughter or mentor/protégé relationship with Bishop Bailey and see a commonality in vision, assignment, and/or revelation; 
2. Exemplify lives of high moral character and integrity as outlined in the scriptures as to not bring reproach upon the ministry, your family, or your church or Bishop Bailey and RDF (Gal. 6:3-10); 
3. Have the attitude of a servant to minister and seek the welfare of those to whom you minister and not selfish gain (Phil. 2:20-21); 
4. Be willing to receive counsel and/or correction in righteousness from Bishop Bailey or his designated staff (Proverbs 11:14; 12:15; 15:22); 
5. Support the ministry through consistent tithes and offerings and to sow into the life of your spiritual parents/mentors as the opportunity is presented   (Num. 18:26); 
6. As much as possible, attend events/conferences hosted by Bishop Herbert & Dr. Marcia Bailey to draw from the anointing on their lives and ministry and to foster camaraderie among the fellowship pastors and churches (Prov. 4:3-4; Phil. 4:9); 
7. Make yourselves available for an interview or personal meetings as may be requested (Num. 16:12).


What You Should Expect from “the connection”: 

1. An impartation of wisdom and anointing (Deut. 34:9; Num. 11:25); 

2. Increase through the principle of sowing upward (Phil. 1:7; Heb. 7:5-7); 

3. A Godly example of character, integrity, and excellence in ministry (Heb. 6:12); 

4. A prayer covering for you, your family, and your ministry (Eph. 1:16); 

5. Access to ministry resources and assistance through R.D.C.I. (Acts 4:32) 

 When you submit your application, you are acknowledging that you understand that you may not be accepted and that once accepted, you may be released from the RDF in the event that you fail to meet the prerequisites and expectations mentioned above. You are also free to withdraw from the fellowship at discretion in writing.

 After your application has been completed and reviewed, if necessary, we will reach out to you to schedule a meeting with Bishop Bailey and/or Dr. Marcia Bailey. We look forward to processing your application and growing in covenant.

Right Direction Fellowship 

“The Integrity Connection”

Vision and Objective:

The vision of the R.D.F is to provide a covering, network, and fellowship for pastors and/or
ministers who are led by the spirit of God to connect with Bishop Herbert Bailey as a
spiritual father and/or mentor for the purpose of accountability, mentoring, and/or instruction
in principles of ministry impact and growth.

Benefits of R.D.F.

1. Increase through association*
2. Spiritual accountability
3. Access to resources necessary for continuous growth
4. Spiritual counsel
5. Impartation of anointing
6. Fellowship with pastors/ministers of “like precious faith”
7. Monthly R.D.F ministry letter and message of the month
8. Preferred seating at special events and conferences