Mothers Assisting


About MAM

Mothers Assisting Mothers Ministry, more commonly known as MAM, is a support group of mothers in RDCI that offer community, encouragement and insight to each other in our church. Whether you are a new mom, bonus mom, adopted mom, grandmom… there is space for you. Our purpose is to SET all moms up to truly thrive in motherhood:

  • SUPPORT – You are not alone, Mom! The issues, concerns and challenges you face don’t have to be handled by yourself. God gave you a community!
  • ENCOURAGE – Mom, You’ve Got This! We host events, send reminders and develop programming that inspire you to be the Mom God has called you to be.
  • TEACH – God’s Word is Truth! We help you lean on God’s Word for not just biblical truth but practical application to empower you to raise children with purpose and destiny.

    Momsquad Meetups

    Throughout the year, we host Virtual MomSquad Meetups, an annual Clothes Drives, and other Mom Inspired Programs. Stay Connected by registering for one of our MomSquad Meet-ups and following us on social media!

    Upcoming Events

    • Time management strategies for this season. Thursday, September 15th @ 8:30pm

    Event Dates & Registration

    September 15th, 8:30pm - Time management strategies for this season.

    Summer Book Club

    Summer’s Here and we can’t wait to read The Passionate Mom by Susan Merrill with you. Join our Summer Book Club FB Private Group for timeline, discussion prompts and ways to share your thoughts. We don’t meet live, so you can chime in when it’s most convenient for you! We start reading in mid June! Whatever you prefer, eBook or hardcopy, this book can be found online at your favorite place to buy, rent or borrow books

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