Day 8 “Receive the Holy Ghost”

Countdown to Pentecost – Day 8

“Receive the Holy Ghost”

“He said unto them, Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed?…” Acts 19:2

In the above-referenced scripture, Paul was passing through Ephesus and met a group of Christian believers who had not received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  This was very strange to Paul and the early Christians because once a person received Jesus as their savior, they were baptized in his name, and then they were prayed over to receive the Holy Spirit, and they would speak in tongues.  This hadn’t been the case with this particular group of believers who believed in Jesus but hadn’t received the Holy Ghost.  Upon further investigation, Paul discovered that these believers had not even heard of the Holy Ghost because they believed Jesus was going to come as John the Baptist preached.  Paul updated them about Jesus Christ (since John the Baptist), baptized them in Jesus’ name.  Then he  ministered the Holy Spirit to them and they spake with tongues (Acts 19:4-6).

There are only two reasons why Christian believers haven’t been infilled with the Holy Ghost: 1. No one has told them about him – ignorance like these Ephesians believers or 2. They have not actively received the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is a gift that must be received.  Jesus told his disciples to “receive the Holy Ghost” (John 20:22). Receiving is an act of your will.  You must actively receive the Holy Spirit and ask him to fill you.  Though the Holy Spirit baptism is a gift, one has the option to reject or receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.  

A person doesn’t “catch the Holy Ghost.”  One “receives” the Holy Ghost.  Have you received since you believed?  If you haven’t, please study the following scriptures, ask that God to fill you with the Holy Spirit, receive him and then start to pray with the utterances that he gives you in your spirit (not your mind).  Jesus said the father will give the Holy Spirit to anyone that asks him (Luke 11:13).

“Father, Jesus Christ is my savior.  I ask now that you baptize and fill me with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues just as they did in the New Testament scriptures.”  

John 7:39

Acts 2:4

Acts 2:38

Acts 8:15-17

Acts 9:17