Day 3 “Holy Ghost Boldness”

Countdown to Pentecost – Day 3

“Holy Ghost Boldness”

“…and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness” Acts 4:31

One of the characteristics of being filled with the Holy Spirit is boldness.  Before Peter received the Holy Spirit along with the rest of the 120 in the upper room, he wasn’t bold enough to publically be identified as one of Jesus’ disciples.  Consequently, Peter denied Jesus three times.  Yet after being filled and endowed with the power of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, Peter boldly and publically preached that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was crucified, died, and risen as the saviour of the world (Acts 2:14-24,  4:8-13).

We often think of boldness as a willingness to be confrontational.  Though that is a type of boldness, Holy Ghost boldness gives us the willingness to witness, speak on behalf of, and represent Jesus Christ in the earth.  Such boldness is needed when someone around you is despondent and the Holy Spirit nudges you to pray for them.  Such boldness is needed when people around you are hopeless and you need to speak a word of encouragement.  Such boldness is needed when someone has been given a terminal diagnosis and the Holy Spirit leads you to lay hands and pray for them.

Holy Ghost boldness makes us more conscious of what God wants us to do vs. what we feel like doing.  It will cause us to be more focused on the needs of others than on our own needs.  God fills us with the Holy Spirit so we can be sensitive enough to hear his voice, know what he tells us to do, and to then have the power to do it.  You have what it takes to bring about change in your family, change the atmosphere in your office, and even heal the sick and raise the dead if necessary because that same power is present in us by the Holy Spirit.  The question is, will we be bold enough to allow God to use us.  

Make the decision to operate in Holy Ghost boldness.

Boldness Meditation Scriptures:

Acts 4:13

Eph. 3:12

Prov. 28:1